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Infiniti IP-3 Pro Milled Face Wedge
3 Wedge System 51 56 and 60 degrees w/stainless steel shafts and golf pride tour velvet grips. SPECIAL MOVING SALE PRICE $149.99 set of 3 of 54.99 each. Designed from the ground up for better players. Three holes drilled on the toe provide feel and balance for this extraordinarily versatile wedge. The perfectly flat face is precision CNC milled which imparts ideal spin and checking power on the green. Special heel grind allows opening of the club face for touch shots. The three wedges can be used individually or as a set. We’ve created them with the ideal bounce for each loft. Exclusive ground-back sole allows maximum versatility from a variety of conditions Precision milled flat face for maximum spin Soft 304 stainless steel for feel and control.
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PRICE: $ 54.00
Bridgestone E5, E6 & E7
Through advanced polymer engineering, Bridgestone delivers another technological breakthrough. The new e6+ provides superior performance with a straighter more accurate ball flight and a softer feel through its advanced Low Compression Multi-Layer construction.

Tee up the new Bridgestone e6+ and sharpen your game.

Anti-Spin / Extra Velocity Inner Cover
Soft Surlyn® Outer Cover
Soft Gradational Compression Energy Core
330 Seamless Dimple Design
Play The Right Ball For Your Game

The e6+ Multi-Layer design with its innovative Anti-Spin / Extra Velocity Inner Cover is engineered for players seeking a straighter ball flight with longer carry distance and roll.

The enhanced low compression design provides an extra soft feel on all shots and a smooth roll off the putter.

The 330 Seamless dimple design delivers advanced aerodynamics for a consistent trajectory leading to pin-point accuracy
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PRICE: $ 24.99
Green Buddy
This switch blade action tool is fun to use. Serves as a putter prop and includes a ball marker.
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PRICE: $ 9.99
Softspikes - BlackWidow™
The #1 cleat in golf! Offers long lasting superior traction. Wear what the pros wear!

Packaged in a kit of 22 cleats.
Available types: Small Metal, Large Plastic, Q-Fit, Fast Twist.
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PRICE: $ 9.99
G01 Grip
Best economy grip on the market
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PRICE: $ 1.29
Tour Series ages 9-12
Complete Set including bag for juniors from nine to twelve years old.
•2 Oversized woods, including 360cc driver for greater distance
•2 Fur headcover (for driver & #3 woods
•4 Wide sole irons (#5, 7, 9, SW)
•1 Pro style blade putter
?1 Dual strap stand bag with 3-way top
•Tour Series graphite shafts on woods and irons
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PRICE: $ 129.95
PowerPlay JR. ages 5-8
Complete Set including bag for juniors from five to eight years old.
The Power Play Jr. set is the perfect way to get your younger golfer off to the right start! • Oversized high lofted #3 Wood
• 1 Tiger hedcover
• #5, 7, 9 irons feature cavity back design
• 1 Pro-style blade putter
• Graphite shafts on wood and irons
• 1 dual strap stand bag with 3-way top
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PRICE: $ 79.95
Fujikura VistaPro

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