Tom Wells Custom Golf Clubs ™  •  P.O. Box 1350 Freeland, Wa 98249  •  (425) 493-8606  •  Fax (360) 331-6902

Clubs Listing

452 Driver
XF Titanium Driver
XF Draw Driver
XF Thriver Driver
Avatar Evolution
F-35 Driver
X9 Extreme Driver
Cup Face Driver
P-22 Cup Face Driver
F-35 Offset Driver
Rage Ti Driver White
Rage Ti Driver Black
Assure XS2 Ti Driver
452 Ti Driver
BMT Driver
X-9 Extreme MOI Fairway
XF Fairway Wood
XF Draw Fairway Wood
F-35 Fairway Wood
F-35 Offset Fairway Wood
X9 Extreme MOI Fairway Wood
Fairway Wood
P22 Fairway Wood
Assure XS2 Fairway Wood
BMT Fairway Wood
Assure XS Hybrid Iron
I-Drive Hybrid
X9 Extreme Hybrid
XF Draw
F-35 Hybrid
i-Drive Hybrid
P-22 Hybrid
Avatar Evolution Hybrid
BMT Hybrid
Assure Iron
KO Iron - Call for price!
Prophet Tour Blade Irons - set of 8
XDS React Pro Irons
XF Pro Irons
Prophet Tour Forge CNC Irons
Prophet Tour Irons
Nitro Irons
+ Irons
3.0 Black Plasma Iron Head
4 Black Plasma Iron Head
Hot Shot Irons
Tour Strategy TS-12 Iron
Tour Strategy TS-10 Iron
BMT Iron
Armada Mallet Putter
Brass Putter
3 White Ghost Putter
3.0 White Blade Putter Head
III Extra MOI Putter Head RH
Heater IV White Putter Head
Online Putter
XK Chipper
IP-3 Pro Wedge
Series 690 Black Wedge
Series 690 Wedge
XB Black Wedge
XK Flipper
5 Chipper Head
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